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I translate sustainable tourism and wellness brands into German.

I translate sustainable tourism and wellness brands into German.


As a translator, I specialize in all things wellness and tourism.
As a human, I’m all about green living and sustainability.

My native language is German – the language of poets and thinkers as well as science, business, and progress.

Germans are THE eco-people. Seriously, we’re top of the curve on almost every statistic out there, from separating trash to minimizing our CO2-footprint.

The wellness, medical, and eco-tourism sector is a fast-growing market, especially attractive for stressed-out Europeans.  

If your marketing texts speak their language, Germans are ready to buy from you.

Indeed, the German-speaking countries, Austria and Germany, are the target group which is most interested in wellness tourism due to a study the EU-market. 

Customers are looking for a relaxing vacation with a special wellbeing treat. A lot of them have a keen interest in ecological awareness and sustainability. Some are looking for both physical and mental or spiritual wellness; others are excited about adventure-seeking in an untouched natural environment – of course, without leaving an ecological footprint. 

German-speaking cultures are also increasingly interested in buying health products or treatments, fair-trade fashion, and vegan, cruelty free beauty products. They are educating themselves about health, nutrition, and holistic therapies. 

If you contract my services, I will guide you smoothly through the whole process.

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My vast experience guarantees high-end results for your projects, be it translation, transcreation, localization, editing, or proofreading.


My quality guarantee for you, my Academic Education


Master’s Degree in Specialized Translation (medical and legal texts)

Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo, Spain (2017)


Graduate Translator

University of Applied Sciences/Cologne, Languages: EN, ES, DE, Specialization: Translation of legal and economic texts (2006)


Certified Commercial Assistant for Foreign Languages

Higher vocational education and training with the main subjects: global economics, business economics and business correspondence in the languages English, Spanish, and German (2001)

However, I do have more to offer than “just” an academic career path

As early as 2005, I made the island of Gran Canaria my home. I’m therefore very familiar with German and Spanish culture, and also well-acquainted with the tourism sector, the regional aspects and the language of both countries. I was also lucky enough to travel to several Latin American countries in the past. Besides, I’m an English language enthusiast since I was a little girl.

Honing my skills continuously within my professional fields is exceptionally relevant to me, and the path to success is to keep at least one step ahead of the constant evolution of the markets and technical progress.


My professional experience includes long-term projects in a variety of fields such as real estate and administration, tourism, wellness and medical tourism, marketing, and corporate communications.

V.I.P. service: Since I work with a trusted network of professional colleagues, different quality standards, like additional proofreading and editing, can be adhered to. 

Whether monolingual or multilingual, I offer you the perfect solution for your language-related project.

I am a proud member of the following professional associations:







I am also a ProZ Certified PRO member for English and Spanish into German translations.

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