Specialized translation and transcreation for your company

My services include:


  • General and specialized texts to be translated from English or Spanish into German
  • Certified translations (Sworn translator  accredited by the Higher Regional Court of Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany for the languages Spanish and English)

Editing | Proofreading

One of the most critical steps in the translation process and your guarantee for a precise, high-quality translation, which corresponds to the intention of the original. Don’t leave anything to chance. For printed materials and certain types of text, even a small detail can have serious consequences. Typographical errors, inconsistencies, grammar errors or unnatural expressions can shake up your project. I would be happy to advise you on your individual needs.



  • Content Writing
  • Online editorial service/ social media texts
  • Transcreation (creative translations)
  • Intercultural consulting and localization of websites
  • Correspondence in English, Spanish and German

I specialize in the following fields:


Marketing materials (e.g., hotel and catering establishments, travel agencies, sport and leisure centers, tourist offices, airlines).

Marketing and PR 

Typical text types: brochures, press releases, product descriptions, presentations, training materials, brochures, catalogs, flyers, magazines for customers, patients or employees, especially in the areas of tourism, wellness and health and sustainable businesses.

Health and Wellness Marketing

Wellness centers, doctor’s offices, hospitals, yoga schools, sports centers, sports trips, sporting events.

Websites | E-Commerce

Company profiles or online shops and everything that goes with it. I will create an individual project customized to your business and taking into account the latest SEO trends.

Journalistic and Informative Texts

Well-researched and expertly translated copy from the areas of lifestyle, health, nutrition, psychology, travel, and culture.

Real estate and Administration

What kind of official document would you like to have translated? 

Specialist texts in the areas of real estate and management, documents for homeowners associations, business documentation, data protection, terms and conditions, session minutes, annual reports, import and export documents, insurance policies, contracts, correspondence with official institutions and customers, certified document translation for business and private purposes, offers, invoices, tax office documentation, information about legal requirements, just to name a few examples of common texts to be translated into foreign languages. 

I am happy to assist you, as well, with other documents from the fields of law and economy, if required, in collaboration with legal and financial experts. 

Frequently asked questions:

When can I talk to you, personally?

My core business hours are 10:00 am to 5:00 pm CET, please keep in mind that in the Canaries we are one hour behind CET.

Do you prefer communication via Skype? Would you like to make a non-committal appointment for a project discussion via phone? Get in touch with me via e-mail.

How much is a translation?

How much is a car?

You choose – I adapt my results to meet your requirements.

I am happy to provide you with an individual project rate, based on your specific needs. My rates depend on various factors, such as the subject, the type of text, the format, and the number of words in the source text.

Concerning certificates, public documents, and CVs: a standard line with 55 characters (including blanks) is the basis of calculation.

Express Service:
In urgent cases, I am available to take on your next project outside of my working hours. Please be advised that a weekend or express surcharge is due on top of the regular project rate.

Please keep in mind that I need to take a look at the files before sending you a quote.

How do I pay?

You can choose to pay by bank transfer, PayPal or via the online service TransferWise.

Email: mail@sarah-thonnet.com

Phone: +34 696 80 92 57

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Puerta 42, 35109

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