My services include:


  • General and specialized texts to be translated from English or Spanish into German
  • Certified translations
    I am a sworn translator accredited by the Higher Regional Court of Cologne (Germany) for the languages Spanish and English.

Editing | Proofreading

The revision of your texts, the final polish and quality control are critical steps in every translation and editing process. If you follow some established guidelines, you are on the best track to a precise, high-quality translation, which corresponds to the original’s intention.
Businesswise, it’s best not to leave anything to chance.

For printed materials, journalistic texts and other specific text types, like medical reports and contracts, even the smallest detail can have the most drastic consequences.

For example, any missing or excessive commas, typographical and grammar errors, inconsistencies, or unnatural expressions, as well as the incorrect regional style or messed-up specialized terminology. You could be too formal or too casual or even be using outdated vocabulary from another decade. Mistakes like this can destroy your entire project – and damage your corporate image in the long term.

I would be happy to advise you on how to avoid such pitfalls!

When you deliver me a text for revision in two or more languages, I also make sure that no details from the source text have been left out, and that there are no translation errors that could be spotted at a second glance and may have an entirely different meaning than what was intended.

I would be happy to advise you on your project without any commitment on your end!


Communication services

  • Transcreation (creative translations adapted to the target audience, which means translation as a first step and editing as a second step or rewriting the whole text from scratch inspired on the original.)
  • Online editorial service | social media texts
  • Intercultural consulting: What kind of emotions does your text or campaign awake in your German-speaking customers or patients? What is their impression? Together we can develop solution strategies
  • Localization of apps, user interfaces, and websites
  • Correspondence in English, Spanish and German

I specialize in the following fields

Health | Psychology | Medicine

Preventive medicine, anti-aging, cosmetics, wellness, complementary medicine, holistic health approaches, like ayurveda, yoga, meditation, personal development, mindfulness, veganism, nutrition, spa and detox, psychiatry, public health, articles and educational texts for patients and the general public.


Health marketing and medical marketing, medical tourism and wellness tourism, eco-tourism, nature and environment, health counseling and coaching, ethical businesses with socially and environmentally friendly business practices.


Sustainable and eco-friendly travel or eco-tourism, cultural topics, health and wellness tourism, luxury tourism, vegan restaurants, and hospitality – while specializing in the Canary Islands, Latin America and Spain in general.

texts for health and tourism

Marketing and PR-Texts

For example, brochures, press releases, product descriptions, newsletters, presentations, travel catalogs, exhibition material, e-zines/magazines for customers, patients or employees, training materials, online courses, tourist and health information texts, leisure and cultural guide for travel and city tourism, but also blog articles and social media posts (also available as a monthly customizable package with a flat rate)

Localizing Websites | E-Commerce

Company profiles, online shops, social media posts, blog articles, user interfaces, online courses, translation of coaching material, subtitling training videos and Yoga or Pilates classes, apps, and everything that goes with it. I will create an individual project customized to your business – taking into account the latest SEO trends.

Journalistic and Informative Texts

Your well-researched and expertly translated copy related to my different working areas.


I offer you an all-inclusive package for the one-time creation of your German menu, or we can agree on a monthly flat rate, which includes the customized updating of your daily, weekly or monthly meal and beverage choices.

Specialized translation

Specialist texts could be, to name a few, contracts, minutes, data privacy documents, medical reports, and academic articles, terms and conditions, Data Privacy statements, real estate (sales and rentals), contracts for the health and wellness industry, and health insurance documents.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When can I get in touch with you?

My core business hours are from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm CET. Please keep in mind that in the Canaries we are one hour behind CET.

Do you prefer communication via Skype or another app?

Would you like to make a non-committal appointment for a project discussion over the phone? I would be thrilled to e-meet you!

Get in touch with me via email, and we can set a date at your convenience.

How much is a translation?

How much is a car?

You choose – I can adjust my results to meet your requirements.

I will provide you with an individual project rate, based on your specific needs.

My rates depend on various factors, such as the subject, text type, format requirements, urgency, and the number of words or lines in the source or target text. 

My minimum rate for certified translation is  €50 (+ 6,5 % VAT)

Please also keep in mind that I need to take a look at the files before sending you a quote.

How do I pay?

You can pay by bank transfer, PayPal or using the online service TransferWise in case of non-European countries and currencies. I also offer payment by credit or debit card. If you choose this very convenient option, you will receive a text message with a link so that you can pay via Paygold by CaixaBank.

Get in touch

I will gladly provide an individual offer for you!

Email: mail@sarah-thonnet.com
Phone: +34 696 80 92 57

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