Frequently Asked Questions

Business hours

My core business hours are from 09:00 am to 6:00 pm. Please keep in mind that in the Canaries, we are one hour behind CET (London time). Please feel free to contact me.


How much does an English or Spanish into German translation cost?
I will provide you with an individual project rate based on your specific needs.

My rates depend on various factors, such as the type of document, difficulty, subject, terminology requirements, legibility, urgency or deadline, and any formatting requirements, like InDesign, etc.

Another important factor is whether the translation is needed merely for informative purposes or as a summary in comparison to a print or online publication, important business communication like PR text, reports, or a certified translation.

How much does a certified translation cost?

English and Spanish into German certified translations are charged by standard lines of the target text (lines of the source text plus a 15% to 20% surcharge) or in some cases by the word. One standard line consists of 55 characters, including spaces. In most cases, however, you receive a total project price to make things easier for you.

You can take the German “JVEG” (Judicial Remuneration and Compensation Act) as a general guideline.  

Section 11 of the JVEG specifies the conditions for the compensation of translators for the German courts. 

Prices per standard line range from €1.50 to €2.10 + VAT (IGIC)

However,  I offer fixed prices for typical documents/certificates which could differ from those line rates. 

I will always provide you with a quote to be agreed upon before starting the work. It doesn’t cost you anything to receive a quote from me; you are free to choose to accept it or not.

My minimum rate for certified translation is €50 + VAT (IGIC).

Please bear in mind that I need to look at the files before sending you a quote.

German into Spanish certified translations are charged by standard lines or words when the file is editable and by page, if you send me non-editable files or PDF. The minimum rate of €50 + VAT (IGIC)  applies as well. The price for any following pages can vary according to word count and formatting, stamps, signatures, etc.

If you have more questions about Spanish certified translations please consult this post from the Spanish Association of Translators, Correctors and Interpreters “Asetrad”.  Just take into account that the certifcation formula was recently updated in 2020.

→ Send me your files

How to receive a quote

Please send me the complete source text, if possible, with all reference material, related documents, like copy briefing, screenshots, images, and glossaries.

Note: Formatting requirements

If you have an editable file available (preferred), please also send me the ready-for-publishing file for inspection (usually in InDesign). Files with complex formatting take a considerable additional effort during the translation process and are likely to increase your project price substantially. As sentence length varies between the different languages, text formatting usually shifts and requires a makeover once the translation is finished. Please consider this during the negotiation phase because I can offer you an additional DTP service as an all-inclusive package. If you use your own graphic designer’s service, I will be happy to recheck the ready-to-publish files free of charge (for smaller projects). If you send me the texts in an electronically editable format, we can save a lot of time and significantly reduce the total project price.

Send me the detailed brief in case of marketing and creative texts (transcreations), or even the same brief you would send to your copywriter. It should include the purpose of the translation and the desired target audience.

Please inform me of any special requests, like an external revision or additional proofreading by a second linguist, glossaries.

At this stage, we can agree on your project timeframe and delivery date.

For certified translations, please check the specifications below in the FAQ section.

For specific project inquiries, please send me an email to I will reply with your personalized, non-binding offer within 24 hours (business days only).

How can I pay for your translation services?

You can pay by bank transfer or using the Wise online service in case of payments in currencies other than Euro. I also offer payment by credit or debit card. If you choose this option, you will receive a text message with a link to pay via Paygold by CaixaBank.

For regular customers, invoices are issued by the end of the month. Payment is due within 15 days from the invoice date unless agreed otherwise.

Certified translations are to be paid in advance.

Project process


Please send me the source text by email together with your deadline, text type, subject area, and terminology requirements. For marketing texts, I need a detailed brief (ideally, the same briefing you would send to your copywriter.) I also need information about your target audience or the institution where your document is to be submitted.


I analyze the source text thoroughly, taking into account all project-related particularities.


I will provide you with a quote, along with payment and delivery terms. The offer always is valid for a limited time. The delivery date stated in the quote only applies if you place the order by the specified deadline.


If you agree, please send me your binding project confirmation by email, and I will start working on your project accordingly. Should you cancel from this point onwards, I will still require full payment for the project.


After completing the translation, I will carry out an extensive quality assurance process. This includes revision, different quality checks with specialized tools, and final proofreading by a second qualified translator (four-eyes principle). This step is optional but highly recommended. In fact, it is a six-eyes principle because I always perform a revision myself before sending it to the second editor/proofreader. Please not that for text types that are regulated by specific legal requirements, like cosmetics, external editing is not negotiable. 


Your finished translation will be delivered on time by email. Please confirm receipt once you receive the translation and check that all the agreed specifications have been met.


I will usually send the invoice together with the finished project. For regular customers, invoices are issued by the end of the month. Payment is due immediately after receiving the invoice unless agreed otherwise. Payment terms do not apply to certified translations (see above).

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