Certified German translations

As a court-appointed sworn translator for the Spanish and English language, I offer certified German translations for official purposes.

I am also a sworn translator for German appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for German into Spanish translations.

Certified translations are usually required to submit documents to official institutions, translate legal proceedings, or for business operations, like contracts, and non-legal documents as university degrees or medical reports. I focus on the translation of administrative certificates, HR documents, and academic certificates like university degrees.  I am always happy to help you finding the right colleague in case I cannot help you with your document type.

In the European Union, the legal requirements for certified translations are different from other countries. Translators and interpreters are appointed by the Courts to be authorized for this service.  Please also consult my FAQ for further information.


Please take into account: Translators do not notarize the translation; we confirm its accuracy and completeness. We issue a signed statement that the translation is an accurate and true representation of the original document.

My translations have legal validity within all EU-Countries as well as in most English-speaking countries. Please ask the institution where you wish to submit the translation as to the specific requirements.

I can certify translations from the original document or a copy (provided to me by email, for example). Some institutions and authorities, however, only accept certified translations made from the original document. In most cases, this is not necessary, but please contact the person in charge to make sure.

You can send me the original document by courier service or registered letter, but never without making an appointment with me first.

If you send me a copy of the document by email, please provide a scanned copy as a PDF file with high resolution (preferably 300 dpi) and not a cell phone photo or jpg. Otherwise, the project price could increase considerably due to additional file conversion and formatting work. Just as a tip, not all mobile scanner apps are suitable. If you still wish to use your phone, I suggest “Scanner Pro” or “Adobe Scan.”

A copy of the original text is usually stapled and stamped together with the translations to be recognized by the institution.

Important: The finished translation will be sent to you either by registered mail or by courier service. 

The postage rates will be charged on top of the project price in the invoice.

You receive a registered item posting receipt with a shipment number for item tracking.  Please don´t visit my office without an appointment.  

Certified translations will always be paid in advance by bank transfer. You receive the invoice immediately after the order confirmation by email. Once I have received your bank transfer payment receipt, I will start with the project.

You will, of course, receive a confirmation of the purchase by email.

The scope of a certified translation includes specialized terminology research, formatting (according to legal requirements), and quality control. If you wish so, I can scan the translation for you in advance and send it to you by email (free of charge up to five translated pages). Price does not include expenses for courier service.  I usually charge 10 € for delivery service. You receive the envelope comfortably in your home or office.  Within Spain delivery usually takes 1 – 2 days, delivery to Germany or other EU countries about 3 – 4 days. 

Please send all the information about your project you consider essential, like the country where you wish to submit the document and, if possible, the authority or institution’s name.

Due to security reasons, please send me all the project instructions and files by email and not through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or other messenger services!

You will receive your non-binding offer within 24 hours (Monday to Friday).

Soon I will be able to offer certified translations into German in digital format signed with a qualified electronic signature compliant to elders regulation for electronic transactions within the EU-market. I can sign certified translations with the Spanish AutoFirma at the moment.

Let’s make a start

Types of documents I usually certify for individuals and companies:

Certificates for birth, marriage, and death, registration certificates, divorce decrees

Driver’s licenses, passports

Criminal records

Documents for education like university degrees, testimonials, school reports

Employment: Résumés, certificates of employment, labor contracts



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