Take a look at what I've been working on:

I have provided clients with outstanding translation services to help their businesses, working in a wide range of sectors. 

Legal/Financial translation

  • Spanish revenue law requirements for foreign residents (ES > DE)
  • Real estate sales contracts (ES > DE) Privacy policies for small businesses (ES > DE)
  • Terms and conditions for language service providers (EN > DE)
  • Certified translation of certificate of good conduct (ES > DE)
  • Certified translation of Certificates of Entitlement for retirement payments (DE > ES)
  • Revision of legal texts for non-native speakers (DE)
  • Email data protection statement for Spanish tourism company (ES > DE)
  • Terms and conditions and data privacy for a luxury Swiss wellness resort from (EN > DE)
  • Data protection for Spanish medical cosmetics website (ES > DE)
  • Annual accounts (EN > DE)
  • Certified translations in the field of Human Resources (ES > DE)

Medical translation

  • Periodic translation reviews for the pharma industry (EN > DE) (ongoing)
  • Translation reviews of medical texts in the sector of neurology (EN > DE)
  • Medical reports from private clinics based on the Canary Islands (ES > DE)
  • Translation review of text about medical devices (EN > DE)
  • Copyediting for texts about neurology (EN > DE)
  • Web description (medical) for contact lenses (ES > DE)
  • Translation of content for Spanish medical cosmetic manufacturer (ES > DE)
  • Transcreation for a well-known Spanish sunscreen manufacturer sold in pharmacies (ES > DE)
  • Information brochure for patients about ADHD (ES > DE)
  • Translation review in the fields of neurology and virology (EN > DE)
  • Instruction manuals and marketing materials for medical devices in the fields of surgery and odontology (EN > DE)


  • The mythical history of Lanzarote (ES > DE)

Technical translation/Interior Design

  • Instructions for home décor and wall paintings (EN > DE)
  • Instruction manuals (EN > DE)

Tourism and wellness marketing

  • Textbook about the historic, cultural,  and natural heritage of Gran Canaria for the Tourist Board (ES > DE)
  • Marketing campaign for an international luxury hotel chain (Spain and the Caribbean) (ES > DE)
  • Golf and wellness brochures for the Gran Canaria Tourist Office (ES > DE)
  • Blog articles for the Tourism Association of the Canary Islands (ES > DE)
  • Food and drink menus for creative, healthy, and vegan cuisine (ES > DE)
  • Website content for a sports and wellness tourism resort in Lanzarote (EN > DE)
  • Magazine with content about luxury tourism in Peru (ES > DE)
  • Website transcreation and medical service description for a luxury Swiss wellness resort (EN > DE)
  • Copywriting for holiday apartments in German winter and seaside resort locations

Corporate communications

  • Video presentation about DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) (EN  > DE)
  • Brochure for industrial zone AENAGA in Gran Canaria (ES > DE)
  • Career documents
  • Translation of Brexit-related informative text about European economy regulations (EN > DE)
  • Session minutes for property owner meetings (ES > DE)


  • Translation of bike accessories services description (EN > DE)
  • Transcreation of fashion article description for Italian luxury brand (EN > DE)
  • Websites for a Spanish wine company (ES > DE)
  • Marketing brochures and company website for luxury properties at the Costa del Sol, Spain (ES > DE)

Journalism and culture

  • Translation of a magazine for a luxury car brand with topics like movies, fashion, tourism, future trends, and art (EN >  DE)
  • Magazine with high-quality articles about Northern Peru and the Peruvian Amazon. Topics: Local cuisine and ecotourism (ES > DE)


  • User interface of educational platform for online studies at international universities  (EN > DE)
  • Texts for international music app (EN > DE)