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First-class texts for health and tourism businesses with a mission

Would you like to spread your message out to the world or take your business to the German-speaking market?

Re-inventing your dream mission in the German language?

You are eager to explore new market spheres but are lost in translation?

Then what you need are first-class texts that will suit your marketing strategy. I´d love to help you with that! Hire a professional translator to take care of your excellent copy! 

I will adapt your company message to the German-speaking audience and create an original, customized experience for your new potential clients. By addressing them in their mother tongue, your customers will put more of their trust in you and your product. It will be more relatable to them.  Besides, most of internet users look up their search keywords in their own language.  You miss out on them and lose important traffic. 

To put it bluntly: If you decide to translate your copy, the results should be free of errors and terminologically correct. If not, they might assume that you don´t take your business too seriously.

Keep in mind that for search engine optimization, the translation of your website is of particular importance and facilitates a potential purchase decision with your target group.

Potential buyers quickly find what they are looking for and identify with the concise message delivered directly to them in their mother tongue. Keep in mind that the typical internet buyer “scans” the texts, and the language needs to be very clear and attractive to them – otherwise, they get bored and hop off to look elsewhere. 

To deliver perfect results in all my projects, I specialize in the following fields: health and medical marketing, medical tourism and health tourism, eco-tourism, and wellness or wellbeing and I love to cater to sustainably managed and green businesses.

As a sworn translator I offer certified and legal translations from English and Spanish into German.  So, I can also help you with your official documents that require translated documents for institutions, like universities, foreign authorities, real estate sales, and court procedures, to name a few. 

Your company will benefit from my experience, based on many years of extensive expertise in these sectors.

These are my main services

Translation: Spanish | English to German



Editing | Proofreading



Corporate Communication


Transcreation (creative adaptation of your text)

What else can I offer you?

My Network

Access to a network of expert colleagues (translators, web designers, editors, and proofreaders). On request, I’m happy to also provide you with solutions for multilingual projects in other language combinations, like Spanish into English. It would be beneficial for you if you wish to translate your website for several countries. Just lay back and relax. We will do all the work for you. We promise that you will be enthusiastic about the results! You, and your clients, of course. Because they are the ones that matter the most.

My Dedication

Individual customer service and tailor-made solutions for your projects. Of course, we can schedule a pre-project meeting to discuss the briefing and any requirements you might have. We can meet for coffee in person or virtually! I’m already thrilled to meet you and your fantastic business idea.

What my clients say

We are a company specialized in medical and health tourism. We work as consultants for clinics and centers that would like to improve sales and marketing or are planning to create a department for international patients. Sarah is our translation expert for the German market. So far, she has translated several websites and applications for aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery clinics. She is an excellent professional who offers high-quality translations with adequate and natural style.

M. Paz Llorente –  CEO at Canary Medical Key, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

We are a web development and online marketing agency and our clients frequently ask us to translate their website into German. We have started working with Sarah this year and are delighted with her service. She is serious, professional, always meets the deadlines and also checks the website once the work is finished, which gives our customers and us a feeling of security. 

Jezabel González Diez, Vitalinnova, Valladolid, Spain

Sarah did dome proofreading services for me. She has excellent communication skills and proves to be incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and full of excellent ideas. She is a committed, highly talented translator and a proofreader with good technical knowledge. It is an absolute pleasure to work with her, and I can only recommend her very highly.

Marie-Claire Cruz Schwarz, Translation Services, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

I have already read some of Sarah’s translations and was highly impressed by the ease of her language style and the pleasant rhythm.

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Florian Tejera, Technical Translations, Essen/Germany

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